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Welcome to Deeper Green Horizons: Where Art and Nature Merge

Shop exclusive limited-edition artworks created by artist and award-winning interior plantscape designer Debra Amerson, ideal for enriching commercial and residential spaces through the mesmerizing blend of art and nature.

What Make Us Special?

Deeper Green Horizons Art Work

Transformative Nature Inspired Art

Elevate your home or office environment with one of a kind art peices, infusing spaces with natural style and beauty, fostering a sense of tranquility and inspiration.

Deeper Green Horizons Art Work

Enhance Spaces with Living Art

My artwork harmonizes seamlessly with interior plants, fostering environments that feel vibrant and alive. It brings a touch of nature's beauty to non-profit botanical gardens, museums, and science centers, enhancing their atmosphere and inviting visitors to explore and connect with the natural world.

Deeper Green Horizons Art Work

Transform Your Stage Productions

My art is perfect for stage design, artistic backdrops, large format trade show imagery, plays, art performances, and set design. Whether in commercial settings, workspaces, or residential homes, my pieces create a connection with nature, promoting well-being and revitalization. Inquire about my colorful immersive plant experiences as performance art and awesome team-building experiences.

Deeper Green Horizons Art Work

Botanical Serenity: Healing Art Meditations

Research shows that engaging with nature-inspired art can reduce cortisol levels and promote a sense of calm. Join us on a journey of meditative exploration, where the healing power of botanical artistry meets the science of serenity.

Deeper Green Horizons Art Work

Transform Your Environment with Stunning Plant Art

Experience the transformative power of my nature-inspired artistry. Decorate your space with the positive essence of plants. Check out the gallery to discover vibrant imagery that brings color, warmth and tranquility into your home, business, or office.

Explore Nature Inspired Artistry

Explore stunning plant-inspired art displayed on museum-quality canvas. Transform your space with vibrant colors and captivating natural designs.

Deeper Green Horizons Art Work


"Debra's art is like listening to a favorite classic music recording... you can enjoy viewing it over and over again." Andrew Roberts
"Debra is great. She's my go-to plant /art person. I consider her knowledgeable, thorough, and entirely professional both as an artist and a plant company doing business." Steven Crocker
CDM Real Estate, Construction Development Management for Whole Foods Market, New Leaf Community Market, Good Earth Natural & Organic Foods

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